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My name is Lucian Apetrei, I'm a freelancer graphic designer and freelancer front-end developer. I offer professional web design, print design and front end development services mainly for the city of Birmingham and all of the United Kingdom, but not limited to only Great Britain.
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I have over 10 years of experience. Throughout my occupation as a freelancer web designer but also while collaborating with companies and corporations I was very diligent and I've learned to design and develop anything in any format and for any medium or platform, all at the best possible quality.
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Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Illustrator are my old trusted buddies, the love between us is mutual and we like to update frequently. I like developing cool projects with the latest technologies and I love the process of technology and the way it brings people together to build great things.

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I was disappointed by the price vs quality of web design and graphic design services available in Birmingham and the UK. In 2015 I decided to provide a better alternative.
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Beeing a freelancer web designer, I have more time at my disposal for projects than the companies in the field where often the work style is quantity over quality.
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Cool ideas and free recommendations? It's possible with me. Other companies will bill you for every minute of consulting and for every question.

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